Towel day – 25th of May

towel day 25th may

Idag är det 42 dagar kvar till Towel day (wikipedia: towel day). Se till att ta med dig en handduk vart du än går den 25e maj.

Extract from the proposal posted in the ”Binary Freedom” forum by D Clyde Williamson, on Monday May 14, 2001 06:00am PDT:

Douglas Adams will be missed by his fans worldwide. So that all his fans everywhere can pay tribute to this genius, I propose that two weeks after his passing (May 25, 2001) be marked as ”Towel Day”. All Douglas Adams fans are encouraged to carry a towel with them for the day.

Make sure that the towel is conspicous- use it as a talking point to encourage those who have never read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to go pick up a copy. Wrap it around your head, use it as a weapon, soak it in nutrients- whatever you want!

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