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Facebook does not want the users themself to be able to choose what information they want to read. Apparently Facebook have requested that Russel shut down it distribution of the application Feed Filter.

The Firefox application Feed Filter are available for installation, but I am looking for a more permanent location.

Russel explains what is going to happen in Some additional notes before I go

I thought I should clear up a few things before Feed Filter has to be removed.

* Feed Filter can be downloaded and saved for later by right-clicking the install link and selecting “Save Link As”. The .xpi file you save can then be dragged into any Firefox window to install it later.
* Feed Filter will continue to run in your browser until Facebook makes changes to their site that cause it to stop being able to find what it needs on the page.
* On the Help tab of the Feed Filter Options window, there is a link to open the Help file that’s included with the add-on. Clicking that link will open a local copy of both the Help and FAQ pages from your hard drive — these are the same files that are on my web site, but they will remain installed on your computer until you uninstall Feed Filter.

* Feed Filter is a Firefox add-on written mainly in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
* The source code for Feed Filter can be viewed by renaming the .xpi file to have a .zip extension, and then unzipping it. You’ll find all of the code, images, and other files in the zip file.
* After Feed Filter is installed in Firefox, the source code can also be viewed in this directory on your local hard drive:
C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[profile]\extensions\facebookfilter@chocolatesoftware.com
Or on a Mac, here:
* Feed Filter is open source, and licensed by the Mozilla Public License, version 1.1.
* Information about how to make Firefox add-ons is available on Mozilla’s site.

* Although I appreciate the words of encouragement to follow this up with lawyers or the EFF, I’m sorry to say that for several reasons, I won’t be taking this matter any further.
* It’s been a lot of fun working on Feed Filter, and I’m sorry to see it go. Thanks everyone!

If you have any other specific questions, feel free to contact me.


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